Frequently Asked Questions

I am a regular customer can i have a discount?

No, we will decide when we offer discounts and normally you will be notified by email or our blog so be sure to make an account to take advantage of all discounts and offers. Check our Blog for deals on now!

I have seen prices cheaper than yours on another website, will you price match?

Yes as long as the website is a trusted, reputable EU vendor.

Do you supply FREE samples?

No, we do NOT supply FREE samples. However, we do sell small sample amounts on the website which are very reasonably priced.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we do.

From which country do you ship?

We are based in 2 Countries: United Kingdom & Netherlands. So North and South American orders will be shipped from the UK. Every other order will be shipped from the Netherlands.

Is your company legit and safe to use?

The answer is yes we are 100% legitimate trading in 1 shape or form for several years now. You can check our Testimonial Page for genuine online reviews (not trolls) and reviews left by past customers.

My order has not arrived after 7 days, can i have a refund instead of a reship?

No, you will not get any refund, we are kind enough to offer a FREE reship on missing tracked orders which are more than some vendors offer so a refund is out of the question.

Do I get a tracking number with my order?

Yes, all orders are supplied with a tracking number unless you select the no tracking option (AIRMAIL). Airmail carries no insurance or reship option.

How can I pay?

We accept only Bitcoin as the payment method as it’s the fastest and the most anonymous way to make the payment today. If you didn’t have any touch with Cryptocurrencies before don’t worry, we will give you easy instructions and you’ll be able to make the payment in less than 30 minutes (You can buy the Bitcoin with your Debit or Credit Card).

Is Nembutal legal in my country?

We don’t have the exact list for the whole world, where is it legal or illegal, you should search for it on your own. But we know that Nembutal is illegal in 9/10 countries and if you’re that lucky person who lives in that 1/10 country, you can simply search for it on the local market and pay much less. About countries, where it’s illegal, please see question N10.

How can you guarantee my order will arrive to my address?

If your order does not arrive we will simply reship it free of charge after 21 days from the shipping date (tracked orders only), please note we will only allow 1 free reship and it’s your responsibility to check legalities if the package has been taken by customs because it’s not legal in your country or your package was not a recorded tracked package then you will NOT qualify for any free reship.

How will my order be packaged?

All orders are packaged very discreetly in padded envelopes and or envelopes, no mention of product names or the website name is on the outside of the packages. IMPORTANT: We do not use a return address.

Do you offer UPS Express Shipping?

Very soon

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